The Girl Behind The Double Ds

11 Jul

flickr image by Irwin-Scott

I recently took a three month break from blogging. For a variety of reasons, I took a step away from my cleverly alliterated alter ego, Dawn Dash.

For years I’ve been writing ‘Walk of Shame’ stories; usually in the first person, despite many of the chronicles not being based on my own personal experience. Initially the tales began as a way of cheering my friends up during the emotional aftermath of uninspiring sexual encounters with absolute tools. Instead of feeling awful about the experience, I wanted my gorgeous friends to try and see the amusing side, laugh and move on to greener pastures.

Shortly afterwards, Dawn Dash was born; a promiscuous unlucky-in-love twenty-something girl we could all relate to in one way or another.

My friends and I accepted Dawn into our close-knit group, despite her frustrating inability to dodge man-trouble and keep her legs closed on a Saturday night. “What would Dawn say?” we’d goad each other when we lacked the confidence to pursue a lusty member of the opposite sex. “Say hi to Dawn for me,” we’d text a friend if we knew she was likely to have sexual relations in the very near future.

But as more and more people learned the true identity behind the creator of the fictional character Dawn Dash, I became self conscious about my writings. That’s right; I mean the real girl behind the Double Ds. (And, for all you perves out there, I am referring to my chosen pseudonym, not my breast size.) I’m talking about the girl currently sitting in front of her laptop in a pair of unflatteringly oversized tracksuit pants, not the man-eating vixen drunkenly gyrating with men on a dance floor somewhere.

Was I being judged by my readers? Did people think all of the sexual experiences I wrote of were my own? Were they wondering if my nether regions were riddled with hideous STDs due to my supposed rampant promiscuity?

At the risk of shattering the illusion – I’m not Dawn. This blog is by no means a personal diary of my own sexual experiences. Of course I’ve had casual encounters I’m not proud of, but then so have most of us. And with the help of our wonderful friends and a steely resolve to want better for ourselves, we’ve gotten up, dusted ourselves off and gotten on with our lives.

I once wrote, “The aim of this blog is to celebrate in our sexual mistakes, have a laugh, and most importantly, move on. All the stories published here are true. Many belong to my gorgeous liberal-minded friends, while some are of a more autobiographical nature.”

The real girl behind the character of Dawn Dash wants more than a drunken slide show shag – sex you were too intoxicated to remember, bar a select few photo-esque still shots you can vaguely recall the morning after.

The girl behind the Double Ds wants nothing more than to love and be loved. She often doubts herself, despite the outwardly brazen exterior. She possesses the ability to experience a range of emotions deeper than shame and humiliation. Surprisingly, she’s had far less sexual partners than one would imagine, considering she’s the author of what her friends affectionately refer to as a ‘sex blog’. Despite a magnitude of negative interactions with members of the opposite sex, she still believes in love.

And she hasn’t given up on trying to find it just yet.

2 Responses to “The Girl Behind The Double Ds”

  1. yafershershy July 12, 2011 at 5:22 pm #

    I was thinking of Sorority Boys the whole time I was reading this. Good movie.

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