Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

10 Jan
"Shiny Disco Balls"

flickr image by *Vintage Fairytale*

The night started out at a friend’s house drinking a potent mixture of cheap chardonnay interspersed with Cowboy shots. Before long, I found myself bundled into a friend’s crowded car on our way to a club renowned for its repertoire of cheesy eighties music.

Once inside the club, through the tragic fake smoke and awful flashing disco lights, I spotted a guy I had hooked up with a couple of weeks earlier. Being drunk, and therefore having my judgement-making abilities clouded, I seemed to magically forget that he was actually a complete and utter tool who had never bothered to call me, despite possessing my phone number.

We were soon entangled in a long-winded session of tonsil hockey in the middle of the dance floor. However, my friends later told me that it certainly wasn’t a dignified kiss. Apparently it was a rather messy-looking pash, during which we carelessly crashed around the dance floor, pissing off all the other patrons as we obliviously bashed into them. We then planted ourselves against a wall, his hands creeping up my dress, exposing my arse to the rest of the crowd. At this stage someone inevitably shouted out the age old chestnut, “Get a room!”

Not having a room to go to at that point, as I refused to leave without my friends, I asked the designated driver of the group if I could borrow her keys so that my gentleman and I could go and ‘talk’ somewhere quiet.

Exiting the club and passing a couple of people waiting outside to get in, we walked down the street to where my friend’s car was parked.

We promptly tumbled into the backseat and began groping each other desperately. In my inebriated state, I failed to notice or care that the car was in fact parked on quite a busy street, leaving our romp extremely vulnerable to prying eyes.

Hastily removing my underwear and roughly unzipping his jeans, I climbed atop him and began bouncing up and down with gusto, drunkenly screaming in delight, much in the fashion of a wannabe porn star. My playmate yanked down the top of my dress and buried his face in my jiggling bosom.

The act was over not long afterwards. As I climbed off him and started scrambling around on the backseat for my underwear, I heard the sound of applause.

Rather loud applause.

Looking up in confusion, I saw the footpath outside the car was now lined with people. It seemed that the line of punters waiting to enter the club had increased while we’d been energetically coupling. The line now trailed down the footpath past our car. Luckily for the crowd, we’d been there to provide some entertainment while they waited.

Mortified, I stepped out of the car and quickly straightened up my dress to the whoops and cheers of our audience. My partner followed suit and we practically sprinted back into the club, flashes from a couple of spectator’s cameras bursting in front of our dumbfounded eyes.

Back inside the club, I was disappointed to find that my friends were in no hurry to leave. I watched as my partner in crime went his separate way, rejoining his friends to a receptive shower of high fives and back slaps.

Meanwhile, I spent the rest of my night ignoring some degrading looks and bitchy whispers from the females who had no doubt been part of my audience. However, I was lucky enough to be treated to suggestive leers from the desperate males.

4 Responses to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

  1. mariasrandomrants January 10, 2011 at 5:06 pm #

    No one will ever accuse you of not being entertaining, albeit a bit crazy, in a good way. I’m living single vicariously through you. Keep having fun girl and if any breezy tries to pass judgment, tell the broad she can kick rocks.

  2. Rick January 10, 2011 at 8:33 pm #

    done the deed without protection?

    way to go!

    • Dawn Dash January 11, 2011 at 12:49 am #

      There was a loveglove involved. If it’s not on, it’s not on!

  3. Rick January 11, 2011 at 12:30 pm #

    Oh I see…

    If only my woman was as adventurous as you. Can barely convince her just for some fun-loving in the public washroom.

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